Celebrate Promise Day with personalized letter online with Ekikayi

People always think about how to impress a girl. People make the promise with their loved one on promise day and fulfil it. Instead of sending a normal text message, this promise day make a promise in a unique way. Rather than social media post. send her a beautiful customized valentine day letter. This Promise Day use for a memorable Valentine week. For all those lovebirds who aren’t able to find the right way to express their feelings, we are here to help you in writing a letter online. Ekikayi is a unique platform for all those who are struck by the Cupid’s arrow and are aching to express their feelings to their beloved. We provide you the tools, tones of beautiful backgrounds, scintillating themes, eye-catching images and also a real time editing options to make a personalized Promise Day card.

How to impress a girl

Words can win the heart and can also break the heart. So print your true feeling on a beautiful background and win the heart of your loved one. You can use our “write a letter online service” to beautify your feelings. comes with loads of custom letter options. You can print your personalized Promise Day letter using “Apna Printing Adda” to give your loved ones something to treasure. We provide you a nationwide doorstep delivery service through “Apna Dakiya Online”. Ekikayi ensures your love letter reaches the right place and on time.

There is no greater gift than your unique feelings written on a beautiful card. Now it is very easy to create a letter online. You can open and follow these 3 simple steps – Sit, Create, Order. Ekikayi will craft your unique and personal Promise Day message on a 100-250 GSM paper as per your choice for a better touch and feel of your wishes.