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About Ekikayi.com:

Ekikayi.com is India’s most famous online printing superstore which fulfills the requirement of writing, customizing the letter online with lots of customized options. Ekikayi.com is the online printing store which gives new kind of online experience with real-time customization and freedom to send their creation to single or multiple addresses. Ekikayi.com allows the customers to write their feelings on the letter which can be customized as they wish to make their letter and they can send the letter to their beloved one. Even customers can send the bulk order of their customised letter for the corporate purpose.

Ikayi Group founded the Ekikayi.com, with the foresight to seize the opportunities in letter writing for any celebration. Ekikayi.com is a preferred choice of the user who are delighted to be empowered by a few click. Ekikayi.com has the strong policies which gives a transparency to the customer. With the vision to provide a real-time editing and customization in letter writing, Ekiakyi.com is the first of this kind of site which provides real-time editing and customization in letter writing.




Write a letter online and post it to your beloved’s doorstep

Ekikayi.com has created an idea of writing a letter online on a single click and rest of all we will do, will deliver to your beloved’s doorstep. Founders of Ekikayi.com generated this unique idea for the people who believe in letter and its empowerment.

Ekikayi.com did lots of surveys to make the post office at your single click. In our survey, we found that feelings can be expressed more by the hard copy instead of text messages. A person feels very special when someone sends him/her a letter as a hard copy. As we all know that nowadays there are several ways of other communication available, but the preservation is not possible like something is written on hard copy like a letter. When you are miles away from your loved one and if you send them a letter as a hard copy when it is read by your beloved one, it will give a unique happiness which can not be gained by any other means. Ekikayi.com is providing a unique way to its customers to write a letter online.

On Ekikayi.com, anyone can write a letter online by just clicking ,it doesn’t matter where he/she is? From any corner of the world. Ekikayi.com provides a lots of facilities to its customers to make their letter more special:

  • Choose a special letter from our thousands of designs.
  • Choose any kind of paper for writing a letter online.
  • Choose any kind of background for writing a letter online.
  • Choose any kind of template from our thousands of templates.
  • Choose any kind of font to express your feeling.
  • Upload any kind of image for making your letter more special.


All unique style and designs are beautifully crafted by our expert team, which will always be at customer service for providing different new style for writing a letter online. Ekikayi promises you to serve better at minimum cost. Idea has been generated specially for the peoples who is living out of India and requires an unique way to express their feelings which can be done by a letter only. Now they can write a letter online from anywhere in the world and simply place an order online. No need to rush , no need to search post office, no need to waste your precious time. Ekikayi will send your feelings at bare minimum cost to your beloved.

When a person buys a greeting card from any gallery, he/she is sending the writer’s feeling to his/her beloved. But from Ekikayi, a customer can write his/her own feelings and can customise the letter as he/she would like to. Writing a letter is very easy now, we will be very happy to serve our customers and to be a part of their happiness. Ekikayi believes in right product at right place at right time at the right price by just simple clicks.


Choose from our best category :

Love letter

In the ancient time, people used to express their feeling by the letters. Now a days there are so many way to express the feelings. But still Letters are the best way to express your feeling. A person feels very special when someone sends his/her feelings on a letter. On Ekikayi.com, you can customise your letter with your feeling and write a letter to you beloved one.


Valentine Day Letter

14 February is the very important day for the lovers. On this day you can express your feelings to your loved one. When someone’s happiness is more important than your own, means that someone is very special in your life. Buying printed cards from any gift gallery, can not express your true feeling. Your beloved one feels very special when you create something special for her/him. Ekaikayi.com helps to customise the letter as you wish to do.


Thank you Letter

We you want to say thanks to someone, rather than sending a text message, if you send a letter then he/she would be more happy. In this section, a customer can find so many pre designed letter, which can also be customised as per the requirements.


Birthday Letter

Birthday is a very special day in everyone life, which comes with lots happiness and wishes. Now send the birthday wishes on a beautiful customised letter. Even if you are far away, now then also you can send the birthdays wishes on a beautiful customised letter. Ekikayi.com has a huge collection of birthday letter. Write and customise the letter online for the birthday wishes and send the letter to your loved one.


Anniversary Letter

Anniversary is the day which brings lots of memories, love and celebration. It’s a memorable day that every pair of love birds wish to celebrate in a fairy tale manner with lots of surprises, lots of guests and not to forget bunch of extra ordinary anniversary wishes. Celebrate your anniversary with Ekikayi.com and send a customized anniversary letter to your loved one. Write a letter online with lots of available tools on Ekikayi.com and make your anniversary more memorable.



                                                                                                                        365 days Letters

Everyday is a celebration day because everyday has its special importance. Ekikayi.om beleives in 365 days celebration. From January to December, there are many days which are the special and it is being celebrated all over India. Now write a letter online for any day, just click on Ekikayi.com and choose the letter as per the celebration.


Important Days & Dates of the January

January 01: Global Family Day, Army Medical Corps    Establishment Day

January 08: African National Congress Foundation Day

January 09: NRI Day

January 10: World Laughter Day

January 11: Death Anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri

January 12: National Youth Day

January 15: Army day

January 23: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s Birth Anniversary

January 25: National Voters day

January 26: India’s Republic Day, International Customs Day

January 28: Birth Anniversary of Lala Lajpat Rai

January 30: Martyrs’ Day; World Leprosy Eradication Day

Important Days Dates of the February


February 02: World Wetlands Day

February 04: World Cancer Day

February 13: Birth Anniversary of Sarojini Naidu, World Radio Day (UNESCO)

February 14: Valentine Day

February 20: World Day of Social Justice

February 21: World Mother Language Day

February 24: Central Excise Day

February 28: National Science Day


Important Days Dates of the March


March 03: National Defense Day

March 04: National Security Day

March 08: International Women’s Day; Intl. Literacy Day

March 09: CISF Raising Day

March 14: Pi Day

March 15: World Disabled Day; World Consumer Rights Day

March 18: Ordnance Factories Day (India)

March 20: World Happiness Day

March 21: World Forestry Day, World Poetry Day

March 22: World Day for Water

March 23: World Meteorological Day

March 24: World TB Day

March 27: World Theatre Day


Important Day & Dates of April


April 01: April fool’s Day

April 02: World Autism Awareness Day (UN)

April 05: International Day for Mine Awareness; National Maritime Day

April 07: World Health Day

April 13: Jallian Wallah Bagh Massacre Day

April 14: B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day

April 17: World Haemophilia Day

April 18: World Heritage Day

April 21: Secretaries’ Day

April 22: Earth Day

April 23: World Book and Copyright Day

April 25: World Malaria Day (WHO)

April 26: World Intellectual Property Day (UN)


Important Days & Dates of May


May 01: Workers’ Day (International Labour Day)

May 03: Press Freedom Day; World Asthma Day

May 2nd Sunday: Mother’s Day

May 04: Coal Miners’ Day

May 05: World Midwives Day

May 08: World Red Cross Day

May 09: World Thalassemia Day

May 11: National Technology Day

May 12: World Hypertension Day; International Nurses Day

May 15: International Day of the Family

May 17: World Telecommunication Day

May 21: National Anti-Terrorism Day

May 24: Commonwealth Day

May 31: Anti-tobacco Day


Important Days & Dates of June


June 04: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

June 05: World Environment Day

June 3rd Sunday: Father’s Day

June 08: World Ocean Day

June 14: World Blood Donor Day

June 20: International Refugee Day

June 21: International Music Day, International Yoga Day

June 26: International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking


Important Days & Dates of July


July 01: Doctor’s Day

July 04: America Independence Day

July 06: World Zoonoses Day

July 11: World Population Day

July 26: Kargil Victory Day

July 29: International Tiger Day

July 30: World Friendship Day


Important Days & Dates of August


August 1st Sunday: International Friendship Day

August 06: Hiroshima Day

August 08: World Senior Citizen’s Day

August 09: Quit India Day, Nagasaki Day

August 12: World Youth Day

August 14: Pakistan Independence Day

August 15: Indian Independence Day

August 18: IntI. Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

August 19: Photography Day

August 20: National Sadbhavana Day

August 29: National Sports Day


Important Days & Dates of September


September 02: Coconut Day

September 05: Teachers’ Day; Sanskrit Day

September 07: World Forgiveness Day

September 08: World Literacy Day (UNESCO)

September 14: Hindi Day

September 15: Engineers’ Day

September 16: World Ozone Day

September 21: Alzheimer’s Day; Day for Peace & Non-violence (UN)

September 22: Rose Day (Welfare of cancer patients)

September 25: Social Justice Day

September 26: Day of the Deaf

September 27: World Tourism Day


Important Days & Dates of October


October 01: International Day for the Elderly

October 02: Gandhi Jayanti

October 03: World Habitat Day

October 04: World Animal Welfare Day

October 05: World Teachers Day

October 08: Indian Air Force Day

October 09: World Post Office Day

October 10: National Post Day

October 2nd Thursday: World Sight Day

October 12: World Sight Day

October 13: UN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

October 14: World Standards Day

October 15: World White Cane Day (guiding the blind)

October 16: World Food Day

October 17: International Poverty Day

October 20: World Statistics Day

October 21: National Police Day

October 24: UN Day; World Development Information Day

October 28: International Animation Day

October 30: World Thrift Day

October 31: National Integration Day


Important Days & Dates of November


November 07: Dwali /Depawli

November 07: Infant Protection Day

November 08: International Radiology Day

November 09: Legal Services Day

November 10: Transport Day

November 14: Children’s Day; Diabetes Day

November 17: National Epilepsy Day

November 19: World Men’s Day

November 20: Africa Industrialization Day

November 21: World Hello Day, World Television Day

November 26: National Law Day

November 29: International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

November 30: National Flag Day


Important Days & Dates of December


December 01: World AIDS Day

December 03: World Day of the Handicapped

December 04: Indian Navy Day

December 07: Indian Armed Forces Flag Day

December 09: International Anti-corruption Day, National Girl Child Day

December 10: Human Rights Day; IntI. Children’s Day of Broadcasting

December 18: Minorities Rights Day (India)

December 19: Goa’s Liberation Day

December 23: Kisan Divas (Farmer’s Day) (India)

December 25: Christmas



So join us and create your own special day letter because we know every day is special. We would like to be a part of yours special day to make it full of joy.