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Write a letter online India with Ekikayi in few clicks. Letters have been skipped out from our daily lives, giving place to messages, emails, and emoticons. But sticking to the fact that we enjoy reading a letter more than a text, also letters are 24×7 accessible as they don’t require any sort of energy to cherish. Feeling like reviving an old favorite memory of yours, grab your letter, open up and relive it to the core, that’s one best can get. With apna printing adda you can send millions of memories and smile tied to customized creative letters from Ekikayi.com.


Now, Customer need not place an order which will be handwritten by others as such site does not provide real-time customization and customer’s messages are read by others. Ekiakyi.com provides full freedom of customization options in customer’s hand with lots of colorful backgrounds, templates, love images, shorts messages and much more. Make your own personalized letter online India and get it delivered at the doorstep of your loved one. Ekikayi.com is India’s top letter writing online service

Celebration shall never stop

Indian society is a diversified community that has occasion enriched year to celebrate. We have festive occasions lined up throughout the year, never giving a halt to the celebrations. Celebrations are more demanding when a note of sweetness is accompanied with a gift. We are working day and night for the collective goals that leave us sometimes left out from the celebrations of our dear ones, i.e. to make it appealing Ekikayi.com has brought you a platform where you can write your best lines over range of beautiful paper backgrounds and send your personalised gift directly to your dear ones on each and every occasion.

Crafting a customized letter and gifting it to your loved ones can be a unique gift for every occasion. Thru Ekiayi.com just sit, create and order your personalized letter online India, rest of all leave on us. We will deliver it at the doorstep of your loved one as we are “APKA APNA DAKIYA ONLINE”.

What we have with us to add to everybody’s happiness?

Ekikayi.com offers you endless opportunities for making your dear ones feel special with customized letter online. We have variety of letter backgrounds to inscribe your feelings upon based on your needs and occasion, be it New Year, Valentines’ Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Born Baby Day, Diwali Greetings, EId Greetings etc. and adding too few of corporate events as Farewell Day, Retirement Day, etc. Apart from all these we also offer special letter background genre like a sorry letter, angry letter, etc. giving you outstanding services to make your feelings live with colors of Ekikayi.com. So, Choose any letter from our huge variety for crafting a personalized letter online for making your own valentines day letter or happy new year letter etc. We understand the true value of emotions and time, which is needed at the right place at right time.

What are we offering in a unique way?

As we think reading someone’s personal letter is uncivil but those days already long gone. Ekaiyi.com is a letter writing online platform where each letter will be crafted by you with your own romantic messages and your angry messages such as resignation letter and it will be professionally posted by us at the doorstep of your loved ones or your hated ones. We offer our customers to make their own customized letter in their own way in real time with our lots of customized options.

Love Letter 

A need of expressing of love is felt often wrapped up in a scent of words, and here at Ekikayi.com we offer you a vast range of love letter backgrounds and templates to scribe your feelings upon. Each letter is taken care of personally and hands delivered directly to your loved one with love and affection, making everything special to cherish upon. With Ekikyi.com make your own personalized love letter in your own love language with tonnes of customized options. When such beautifully crafted love letter will come under a pillow of your loved ones then this feeling can’t be achieved by any other kind of love gift. Add your love messages or love notes or your memorable picture for making your own heart loving customized letter online with Ekikayi.com

Birthday Letter 

A day comes in everyone’s life on an annual interval that is just their day, their birthday. Each passing year marks a plus experience for a better being. Ekikayi.com help you gift a letter encompassed with love and memories to your special ones and adding a star to their special day. Ekikayi.com understands the true value of occasions. Birthday is the most awaited day in anybody’s life which can’t be replaced by any other day. So Ekikayi brings you the simplest way to add your birthday message, birthday notes or your graceful wishes to your heartthrob on a ravishing personalized letter online made by you in your own needed way. Send happy birthday wishes thru Ekikayi.com at the doorstep of your loved ones at correct time at a correct place in a professional manner.

Valentine’s Letter

Life’s incomplete without love and its Valentine’s Day that gives you a day to cherish your love. Make your Valentine’s week momentous with your Valentine by sending variegated letters, exclusively handcrafted by you for each day of Valentine’s week. Valentine’s day letter can be a most astonishing way to say “love your forever sweetheart” or ” will you be mine Valentine” to your Valentines or to be my Valentine. A customized Valentines day letter online India is totally hassled free with Ekikayi.com, which gives you everything on your disposal with few clicks. Send this personalized Valentines day letter in any city of India at any time without any boundaries.

We will give a wakeup call to your’s Valentine at their doorstep delivery thru your amazingly fabricated Valentines day letter. Lots of choices, templates, colorful backgrounds and much more on this Valentine’s day 2018 waiting for you at Ekikayi.com, a letter-writing online service in India. Write Valentines messages or Valentines notes on your Valentines day letter online in the quickest way with Ekikayi’s letter writing online service.

Anniversary Letter

An anniversary is a milestone of married life that is meant to be celebrated. Give your life partner bunch of surprise letter filled with the togetherness that you mean to hold back lifelong. Just throw your tenderness, which you have felt in so many years for your life partner on a customized anniversary letter with Ekikayi, a letter writing online superstore with assorted customization options in few clicks to get it deliver at doorstep anywhere in India. A customized anniversary letter can be a most stunning gift for your life partner.

Occasion Letter

Indian society is full of culture and tradition, where occasion comes every now and then giving a thought to celebrate. Add a part to the celebration with customised occasion letter.

365 days Letter

Exchanging daily greeting would have never been easy as with Ekikayi.com, just grab up the background favoring your mood and get it delivered to your companion.

Congratulation Letter

A celebration is meant to be celebrated with party and wishes, no matter be it of promotions, target completion parties, etc. Congratulate your well-wishers with congratulation letter for the success that they have grabbed into their bucket.

Miss you Letter

Life’s an unpredictable phenomenon that changes every second and we often miss our friends, colleagues, siblings, and parents. Via miss you letter to let your special mates know that how much you miss them.

Sorry Letter

We often commit mistake just because of misunderstanding, and it is often better to ask for forgiveness. Seek forgiveness from your comrades and family with the aid of sweet sorry letter full of innocence and cuteness.

New Year Letter

A year goes by and the year comes ahead bringing glory and prosperity to our lives. Get yourself a New Year letter to give away with wishes of year to people at workplace, friends, and acquaintances.

Mother’s Day Letter 

Love has numerous forms but none have a greater impact than mother’s love on our life. Mother’s day reminds us of love and cares that we have experienced since we came into this world. Gift your mother a smile with mother’s day letter.

Father’s Day Letter 

Father, an entity of god whose finger we held when we were naive, he taught us to strengthen and be real within. Bring happiness to your father’s life on the occasion of father’s day with father’s day letter.

Christmas Letter

“Merry Christmas!” a clause that connects heart to heart sharing sympathy and harmony in the name of Jesus. Shower wishes of Christmas upon your acquaintances with Christmas letter.

Diwali Letter 

A popular Indian festival full of brotherhood celebrated on the occasion of the return of Lord Rama from 14 years of exile. Greet your relatives with Diwali letter available exclusively at Ekikayi.com.

Angry Letter

Each and every feeling need to be expressed be it love, care, affection or so then why to skip out anger. Have something in the heart that troubles you, express it over emotional backgrounds letting mutual understanding make its way.

Get Well Soon Letter

Illness is something that comes uninvited but is suppressed by wishes of loved ones. Be the well-wisher for your acquaintances, pray for them and send healing vibes with get well soon letter.

Silent Letter

Sometimes silence is all that is required to let cool the things. Write a silent letter at Ekikayi.com and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Good Luck Letter

Bid a Good Luck with good luck letter to your family and also friends who are willing to start something new in their life or going for a task that holds prominent important to their life.

New Born Baby Letter

A baby guest come into the world grabbing his / her fate in a small fist. Send your customized greeting to the new couple with a newborn baby letter written over baby backgrounds only at Ekikayi.com.

Special Letter

The letter itself is a special gift that is sent personally to a person holding a special place in our heart. Send your comrades and friends special letter and let them know how much they mean to you.

Fare–well Letter

Farewell is a phase when people move onto a different stage of their life be it to transfer, promotion or so on having a bunch of memories to relish. Bid your senior and colleagues fare well describing the challenges you achieved together and memories that you embarked on one another’s heart.

Retirement Letter

After working for whole life a person retires from his profession grabbing basket of memories that he / she was able to hunt down. Make retirement of senior citizen a memory in your vicinity by writing retirement letter at Ekikayi.com.

Thank You Letter

A gratitude is all that makes our day, it brings a smile to both senders as well as a receiver. Create a memory of thank you in exchange of an effort that made u smile with thank you letter.

Nationwide Shipping

We are at our best to convey your emotion to your loved ones within the country. From any corner of the country to any corner of the country. We would minimize distance barrier between you and your loved one with an ease, delivering your emotions with care and affection.

On–time delivery

Time is money these days and every individual wish to avail services at its best to punctuality. Ekikayi.com promises you to offer on – time delivery saving up your time and delivering your feelings at its best.

Easy Cancellation Policy

Customer Relationship is what is always prioritized by us and always would be. Ekikayi.com has an easy cancellation policy for its customers, one can cancel their order for free before printing has been initiated.


Having any queries or any inquiries with our services, feel free to reach us at +919149244952 or just fill out the contact us an inquiry and we would get back to you soon with an extended hand at your services.

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