Tick tock, tick tock,
Just few days left to start a new year 2019.
New year, new style, new way to expand your limitations. Still some drops remaining of love which can be fully grow with this new year by sending a very special gift in very unique style. Leave the empty hole of 2018 and start a new year with Ekikayi in different style to make you special for your love one.

Everyone forgot about writing a letter, and forgot about value of a letter, so here comes Ekikayi to make it understand to everyone that “old is gold” and era or letters is going to begin again. Your love messages, your love notes, your own love creation is going to preserve now for long time in the heart of your love one.

Ekikayi.com is providing on this new year 2019 a unique style to make your customized letter online india and delivery it to doorstep of your love one any where in india and even outside of india(special orders). Just sit, create and order, this is out tag line. Rest or all Ekikayi will do. We will make sure your feelings will dig a space in heart of your love one thru our personalized letter service with lots of editing options such as templates, colours background and your can upload your pictures.

Celebrate New year 2018 with Ekikayi to give a cmvery special gift in a very unique way. You can write love messages, love notes, or your own created messages.

Happy new year 2019,
Stay loved, stay amazed……